Dear Shareholders:


First, thank you to all the shareholders that continue to support our Company. Our objective is to increase our Company’s value that will directly reflect our shareholder’s portfolio value.  With this in mind, we have spent considerable time and effort in rebuilding and restructuring the Company’s business focus and management as well as eliminating, undoing and removing ourselves from the Company’s predecessors, past developments and associations.  We are assembling an experienced management team that will dedicate themselves to not only increasing Company value, but also introducing new technologies that will have long lasting beneficial effects to humanity in general by working alongside our team at CeCors in becoming a business disruptor in the respective industry and sector that CeCors is engaged in.


Bob Gardiner; President / Director

Robert Gardiner

Over the last 12 months, the Company has  encountered several setbacks. Fortunately, because of these setbacks, it gave us time and vision to re-evaluate the Company’s focus. This has led  us to what we believe to be clear direction that will yield positive outcomes. Make no mistake, CeCors, Inc. is not the CeCors of past.  We have taken great lengths to remove ourselves from past business affiliations and activities.  We have also eluded over the past several months to upcoming acquisitions to which we will be addressing publicly by way of formal press releases.  It has taken  considerable time to co-ordinate such acquisitions, and it has been in the  best interest of all parties concerned.


Our pursuit and entry into certain sectors such as the health industry, big data, blockchain and health information systems, will all have a common denominator that see each company thriving together as a whole.  While global annual health spending reached $7.077 trillion dollars in 2015, economists have projected this metric should balloon to $8.734 trillion dollars by 2020 and since digital health startups reached an all-time high in 2018, it became clear that venture investors have decided to go all-in on healthcare technology bets and we at CeCors, Inc. have followed this trend by investing our resources in technologies that make up this sector.


We believe that some of our core business focus will improve the lives of patients and families.  We also believe that by the very nature of the business involvement that any one of our subsidiaries are part of, they can be targets of a buyout and/or expansions that will have a positive outcome to the Company and its’ shareholders.


We are completely engaged in the success of our Company and believe that the market has yet to fully or come close to recognizing the value of our Company.  The execution of our strategy and business development growth will have a great impact on how the market will perceive the value of our Company to be, therefore this will fall on and be the responsibility of our expanding experienced management team to ensure that our strategy and business development is executed.

                                                                                                                         Sincerely yours,



                                                                                                              Robert Gardiner                                                                                                                                                      President / Director




About our President


Bob Gardiner is a seasoned professional with over 27 years experience in business development,  operations, marketing and distribution.  He has been personally responsible and involved in several startups in its development and ultimately the buyouts in a number of Canadian corporations.  He has worked in alliance with a major Investment bank to access and evaluate potential acquisitions for clients.  Bob has also worked with Danone Group ( A multinational corporation listed on Euronext Paris and a component of the CAC 40 stock market index ) in a management position after his Company was acquired by the Fortune Global 500 Group. 


The Company is confident that through his past experience and business acumen, Bob will guide and direct the Cecors group of Companies with the similar successes he has had with his past endeavours.  He understands the potential & importance that the advanced Health Care Technology and Big Data opportunities that CeCors is engaged in and how it will bring licensed Health professionals and patients together on a platform that gives patients assurance and privacy from their home or on the go from their mobile devices.

Bob also has a strong understanding of the Company's planned acquisitions and direction and expansion of its portfolio companies and how to harness and build on their value.  CeCors,Inc. feels fortunate to have a leader of his stature and we welcome him to further build out on the management team.



Aldo Rotondi

Advisor / Investor Relations

Co-Founder - RASCI


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